About Us

El Alamia Co. 2000
  1. El Alamia Co. 2000 is one of the leading companies in the industry of agricultural crops industry.
    It is the most important producer of Egyptian rice and white beans followed the latest industrial methods in the field of beatings, demineralization and methods of food security and Packaging.
  2. El Alamia 2000 issued many of agricultural Egyptian crops origin to most countries of the world.
  3. El Alamia 2000 characterized by experience, competence and integrity, transparency and good reputation, allowing it to penetrate most of the world markets and gain customers in all countries by providing the best quality of products.

El Alamia 2000 company is one of the leading companies in the field of hit and treatment rice using the latest advanced industrial.
Rice is purified with modern ways and Equipment (sortex) are also polished with oil and water Medical Center (paraffin).
Egyptian rice is considered the most important universal preference it has alot of benefits, including:
Using as staple food, rice is a good source of food and gives the body high thermal energy and it has large number of fiber and vitamin B and minerals.
Rice used in the food industry to extract starch.
Rice is characterized by low fat and cholesterol and no sodium and lack of salt and limited calories 335 Calories per 100 grams.
Nutritious, light and easy to digest.
It prescribed for people that make special diet but not to bring fat.

Broken rice Characterized by the high proportion of carbohydrates.
one of the most important use of broken rice:
• Rice flour as the industry enters in the industry (BABY FOOD)
• Enters in Glecase industries .

El Alamia 2000 company uses the cutting-edge tools in the field of white beans industry and more accurate application of screening, grading, and use the latest purification using Alsortx.
White Beans are classified as excellent diet food because it contains Calories: 44 calories – fats: 0.4 g – Carbohydrates: 9.9 grams – Proteins: 2.4 grams – Fibers: 4.0 grams.
And white beans contain many nutrients and antioxidant containing vitamin (C) about 20% of your daily use, vitamin (A), and phytonutrients and many carotenoids. It contains manganese, a mineral important to work as an antioxidant. They are also a good source of vitamin (K), as well as providing a good dose of fiber in each meal.

The peanut is rich of nutrient with many of the important elements for human life, such as vitamin PP and a lot of proteins.
Peanut help in the development of muscles and nerves that feed muscle.
It is also had essential useful oils for the treatment of many diseases that may infect humans.
Also peanuts introduce as essential element in daily food and also enters in the confectionery industry is indispensable in sweet dishes and is also used roasted and salted.
It is also rich in calories as it contains 585 calories per 100 gm.
It is also very useful for humans as it contains the following:
A high percentage of oil up to 40% – 60%.
The percentage of protein of 16% – 28%.
It also contains some important vitamins and some minerals and acids needed by the human body.

Egyptian beans is the first and best food it has alot of benefits:
Where each 100 grams of beans have: 341 calories and also contains a good proportion of vitamins and especially Vitamin A,B,C and also contains minerals including Potasium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and sulfur.
It is rich with protein needed to build the bodys cells.
Resists tension and stress, which affects the body.
Good for the heart as it works to lower the cholesterol in the blood.